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Robert Suggs

Photos by RobertSuggs

Spring Hill, FL


Most of my life has been spent in teaching and administrating in higher education. Job changes have moved me from my home in New England to the Midwest, and even to a year in Nairobi, Kenya.
I have Joyce Tenneson and a few other people to thank for their skillful presentation of nature. While it was enjoyable and at times satisfying to capture an image in sharp detail, I have preferred to focus on its texture, tones, and shape. My newfound interest in nature as art has not been to present nature's beauty in photocopy detail, but rather as I have come to see it. I've always loved the gentle and soft brushstrokes of Impressionist artists. This is my "eye" or how I've come to see flowers, plants, trees, stones -- nature. The soft brushstrokes have found their way into landscapes, and architectural scenes as well. That which started as an interest has since become a passion that brings me much joy. So, one of the highest compliments for me to receive is to hear, "I thought you were a photographer, but this piece looks like a painting. Did you paint this piece?" I often employ a telephoto lens that reduces the depth of field and provides a softening to the background.
One of the real joys of pursuing photography has been to have others appreciate my work. This was true when several of my works have been selected to be included in the 2005-2007 Ohio All Media Art Competition. A second and just as moving honor has been to have a number of my pieces chosen to hang in and just outside of the four conference rooms of the Dwight Schar College of Education at Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio. These are permanent exhibits and therefore should continue to add appreciation, reflection, and beauty to a very impressive edifice.
My plan to continue to pursue this passion and develop my eye has been slowed following retirement. I look forward to regaining my enthusiasm for this passion until my heart, mind, and spirit perceive that ultimate beauty to come.
R. C. Suggs
February 2011


A Beautiful Venue by Robert Suggs


Time To Decide by Robert Suggs


Red Rose in Sunlight by Robert Suggs


Red Orchid by Robert Suggs


Purple Allium by Robert Suggs


Rocks by Robert Suggs


Tulips in a Vase by Robert Suggs


Cone Flowers by Robert Suggs


Black-eyed Susan by Robert Suggs


A Bench In The Garden by Robert Suggs


Siesta Key Beach 1 by Robert Suggs


A Fall Pond by Robert Suggs


Maine Stream in the Fall by Robert Suggs


Hilton Head grass at sunrise by Robert Suggs


Boothbay Harbor by Robert Suggs


Argentine Girl by Robert Suggs


Bridge Over Calm Water by Robert Suggs


Elephants Under A Tree by Robert Suggs


Argentine Cowboy by Robert Suggs


Amish Buggy by Robert Suggs


Maine Mill by Robert Suggs


Longfellow's Maine Home by Robert Suggs


Argentine city scene by Robert Suggs


German bridge by Robert Suggs


White Barn by Robert Suggs


Cheetah by Robert Suggs


Butterfly on yellow flower by Robert Suggs


Butterfly by Robert Suggs


Orangutan mother and baby by Robert Suggs


African Antelopes by Robert Suggs